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Greetings All,


Here's a quick update. I'm working diligently to bring you the final installment of my Hand Series trilogy by Christmas 2022. Believe me when I say, "You won't see what's coming next in the precarious lives of Vangie and Angie Cooper."


Also, I recently took a break from novel writing to adapt my very first novel for the stage. I'm thrilled to announce Sense of Love, a full-length stage play, will run in September. This poignant Black love story, to be directed by the incomparable Yolanda Franklin, Artistic Director of Common Ground Theatre, centers on the whirlwind love affair of Steve Thurman and Patricia Colby. Follow me on social media for dates and location as the time nears.


In other news, I look forward to making my books available on Audible. Here are the benefits I've discovered by switching to Audible books:


  • Long drives are now too short

  • Daily chores are a breeze

  • I look forward to morning walks 

  • I have time to enjoy incredible literature and more authors


Lastly, if you would like me to join your book club discussion via Zoom, email your request. 


Happy summer reading!



Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

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her Story

I discovered my love for literature at an early age. My love for humanity soon followed. Fusing my two loves, I write complex, heartfelt stories that embody the human experience.  


Before becoming a novelist,  I worked in the field of Human Services for many years, advocating for children, youth, and families.


I continue to teach in the field of humanities and work as a Psychotherapist. 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Texas Southern University, and a Masters's Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University.  


To commemorate the 400 years since the first African captives arrived in the Americas, I founded the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women, March 2019. Our purpose-driven mission is recognizing the extraordinary contributions women of African descent have made in building America.

Amazon reviews


"This book (Hand for Hand) stands on its own as a sequel. It has drama, suspense and so much emotion, it was a real page turner for me. The further character development of the twins made me even more connected to their experiences than before. I truly am looking forward to the third installment in this series."