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The Sequel to "The Hand She Played"

Bold, beautiful and provocative, Vangie Cooper’s every thought and premeditated act has been driven by her love for the irresistible and wealthy, Wade Fitzgerald the Fourth, to the point of no return. Now a fugitive on the run, Vangie must face her duplicitous past when her missing identical twin turns up.


But the shy and awkward Angie Cooper is willing to risk it all when learning Vangie is wanted for a shocking crime that shook the quiet hills of Hollywood.


Hand for Hand
When the past finds you...
The Hand She Played
How far would you run from the past?

In many ways, Vangie and Angie Cooper are one person, with many unspoken secrets. In more ways, Vangie is everything Angie wishes to be. While Vangie is provocative, ambitious, and will to stop at nothing to escape poverty, Angie is clumsy, awkward, and quiet.

Inseparable, the twins vow no stretch of the sea or the circumference of the earth will ever come between them. But fate deals them both wild cards, and they find themselves worlds apart, living on opposite sides of the tracks. Years later,  when a dark family secret unearths, Vangie and Angie’s paths cross again, under fatal circumstances.

Narrated in the starkly contrasting voices of two very different heroines, “The Hand She Played” chronicles the unbreakable bond between identical twins and redefines the meaning of undying love.

Love & Regrets

On the surface, Carmen Hill-Dougherty appears to have all the trappings of success: beauty, a handsome husband, an adorable son, and a flourishing career. But something is missing from Carmen’s life, and it takes Kendall, a younger man with an insatiable taste for the erotic, to uncover it. Now, Carmen stands to lose it all.

Outside of God and family, nothing is more important to Tempest than Sterling Alexander, a rising NFL star. When rumors about Sterling surface in the media, Tempest’s heart shatters to pieces. Determined to prove skeptics wrong, particularly her meddling sisters, Tempest puts her faith and love for Sterling to a relentless test.

The rational-minded and tactical Dana Dougherty desperately craves to get married, have a baby, and buy her first home by her 30th birthday. Weary of her unmotivated boyfriend, Dana opens up her heart and mind to a new and exciting possibility of love, only to discover her deepest desires.

Love & Regrets is a turbulent tale of three women struggling with commitment, betrayal, lies, and secrets. On a quest to sustain true love, Carmen, Tempest, and Dana find strength in friendship, family and forgiveness.

Sense of Love


Patricia Colby  is newly divorced and determined to succeed without a man. When she encounters Steve Thurman, however, a charming, gorgeous and irresistible college professor, she puts her damaged heart on the line, bringing her rebellious teenagers into the fold.

After losing the love of his life, Steve is content with being a single dad and living a solitary life until Pat crosses his path. Captivated by Pat’s beauty and uncanny likeness to his deceased wife, Steve takes on more than he can handle and questions his readiness to love again.

Despite the undeniable physical chemistry raging between Pat and Steve, and the possibility of a second chance at love, they are both haunted by their painful past. 

Poignant, passionate, and profound, Sense of Love unearths the complexity of love in ways that will make you laugh and cry. 

L.A. Summer
Young Adult



Desperate to escape the small town of Boone, Texas, sixteen-year-old, Mikki Mitchell’s dream comes true when she spends the summer in L.A. with her best friend, Stacy. Mikki’s first day in the big city, she meets the cool and popular, Dominick, who opens her eyes to a whole new world.

Sentenced to summer school, Stacy Davis, known for her loud mouth and street smarts, has little to look forward to this summer before Mikki shows up. Now, Stacy must spend her summer protecting Mikki from the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles.


Three is a crowd when Stacy's new best friend, Carlette Hughes, joins the summer party. Carlette has one mission this summer - gaining her independence from her overprotective mother. When Carlette meets an older man, he becomes her ticket to freedom, but at what price?


In a city known for its crime and Hollywood Drama, three friends' wild and crazy summer pastimes lead to life-changing experiences they will forever remember.


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