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Love & Regrets
Love & Regrets

"Love & Regrets"

If love was uncomplicated, this would be a simple story with a fairytale ending ─ add betrayal, lies, secrets, family drama, and sexual exploits, and love spirals out of control...

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Sense of Love
The Hand She Played

​​"The Hand She Played"

"In many ways, Vangie and Angie Cooper are one person, with many unspoken secrets. In more ways, Vangie is everything Angie wishes to be. While Vangie is provocative, ambitious, and will to stop at nothing to escape poverty, Angie is clumsy, awkward, and quiet. Inseparable, the twins vow no stretch of the sea or the circumference of the earth will ever come between them... 

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"Sense of Love"

Despite the undeniable physical chemistry raging between Pat and Steve, and the possibility of a second chance at love, they are both haunted by their painful past.  Poignant, passionate and profound, Sense of Love unearths the complexity of love in ways that will make you laugh and cry...  

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L.A. Summer

L.A. Summer: "Friends Til' the Blood End"
(Young Adult)

In a city known for its crime and Hollywood Drama, three friends' wild and crazy pastimes lead to a summer unlike any other and life changing experience they will forever remember...

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Sense of Love
The Hand She Played