Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

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Beneath Regret Lies Deceit 

On the surface, Carmen Hill-Dougherty appears to have all the trappings of success: beauty, a handsome husband, an adorable son, and a flourishing career. But something is missing from Carmen’s life, and it takes Kendall, a younger man with an insatiable taste for the erotic, to uncover it. Now, Carmen stands to lose it all.

Outside of God and family, nothing is more important to Tempest than Sterling Alexander, a rising NFL star. When rumors about Sterling surface in the media, Tempest’s heart shatters to pieces. Determined to prove skeptics wrong, particularly her meddling sisters, Tempest puts her faith and love for Sterling to a relentless test.

The rational minded and tactical Dana Dougherty desperately craves to get married, have a baby, and buy her first home by her 30th birthday. Weary of her unmotivated boyfriend, Dana opens up her heart and mind to a new and exciting possibility of love, only to discover her deepest desires.

Love & Regrets is a turbulent tale of three women struggling with commitment, betrayal, lies, and secrets. On a quest to sustain true love, Carmen, Tempest, and Dana find strength in friendship, family and forgiveness.

"Sheryl Mallory-Johnson’s characters are cleverly reminiscent of familiar characters in our everyday lives. The  art form in which we watch their relationships unfold makes “Love & Regrets” a great conversation piece and, particularly juicy book club material."  The Chocolate Voice

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"Love & Regrets a very exciting read. I like everything about this book, the pacing, the chemistry, and the smooth transition that the author makes as she weaves in and out of the lives of Carmen, Tempest, and Dana." Barnes and Noble Reader

“Sheryl Mallory-Johnson is back with what she does best: delivering a book that is good to the last page and leaves you definitely wanting more.” ≈ Cyrus Webb, Top Amazon Reviewer


"Readers who like contemporary fiction novels about love and relationships, will enjoy this book. The author's style of storytelling is reminiscent of Terry McMillan's – the characters and storylines are so real and relatable, you become totally invested in these characters' ."  Good Reads Reader