Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

 fiction that reflects life 

Sheryl Mallory-Johnson discovered her love for literature at an early age. Before becoming a novelist,  she worked as a Social Worker for many years, helping children, youth and families overcome the hurdles of life.

In 2009, she launched her debut novels, "Sense of Love," and "L.A Summer: Friends Til' the Blood End," making a lasting impression on the literary world by quickly becoming known for writing complex, heartfelt stories that embody the human experience. Her compelling characters are as true to life as the neighbor next door. 

In addition to novel writing, Mallory-Johnson works as an adjunct professor, teaching literature and humanities classes at the collegiate level.  When her time allows, she coaches aspiring writers. 

She received her bachelors degree  in Business from Texas Southern University, and my Masters Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University.    

She continues to reside in her native state of Southern California with her family.  

Her latest romance, suspense novel,  "The Hand She Played," which chronicles the tragic lives of identical twins, is now on Sale.  

About Her

Dear Reader, 

I'm happy to report that "The Hand She Played" sequel is well on the way to completion.  Like you, I'm anxious to find out how the perilous lives of Angie and Vangie will turn out. Believe it or not every chapter is a new and exciting twist and turn for me. I love surprise endings. 

Find out how far the twins will go to save one another. 

Stay tuned!

Sheryl Mallory-Johnson